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ASI Reclaimed Heart Pine

Our Reclaimed Heart Pine segment continues to grow as we regularly uncover pockets of Heart Pine treasure here in the southeast.
At ASI we believe that growing our Reclaimed Heart Pine segment not only saves trees, it also saves a small piece of our past as well.


Our premium grade antique heart pine flooring is the most clear and formal reclaimed floor we offer. Carefully culled for extremely tight, vertical grain patterns, high heart content, and few small knots, this floor brings a room unmatched elegance and refined beauty.

Widths: Lengths: Grain: Heart: Knots:

2-5" 2-12' 70+% Vertical 80+% Few, infrequent


When you think of antique heart pine flooring, our Select Grade probably comes to mind. Our most popular grade, it incorporates a stunning array of colors – from deep auburn to golden honey - and varying tight grain patterns. A perfect blend of formality and character, this floor consists of a high heart content, tight, sound knots, and varying nail holes to help tell its reclaimed story.

Widths: Lengths: Grain: Heart: Knots:

2-12" 2-12' Vertical and Flat 60+% Varying


As the name implies, our #1 Grade shows a more rustic side of reclaimed heart pine. Each piece is selected for its varying grain patterns, large and numerous knots, and frequent character marks. This floor brings you the cozy appeal of a mountain-side retreat in any room you may choose.

Widths: Lengths: Grain: Heart: Knots:

2-12" 2-12' Vertical and Flat 40+% Large & Numerous

Our most rustic offering, #2 Grade runs the spectrum of any and all characteristics one may find in reclaimed heart pine. From tight to loose grain patterns, small to large knots, heart to sapwood, and colors ranging from red to the occasional blue sap stains, this floor brings an informal, country feel to the project of your choice

Widths: Lengths: Grain: Heart: Knots:

2-12" 2-12' Vertical and Flat 20+% Large & Numerous

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