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ASI Service
Architectural Moulding
At ASI we specialize in custom mouldings. We can run almost any profile from the standard base and casings to architectural profiles. You choose the species whether hardwood or softwood and our experienced associates will mill to your standards. Our milling is done on 15 different moulders consisting of Weinigs, Paulsons and Diehls.

Straight Line Ripping
Our Straight Line Saw will give the factory edge required for precision millwork and glue up applications

Gang Ripping
If you run your own mouldings, why stock inventory?  Let ASI make you moulder blanks cut to exact standards.

Custom Solid Wood Paneling & Flooring
Let ASI manufacture your custom flooring or paneling in varying widths.
We specialize in Reclaimed Heart Pine or any other species that you may select.
Let ASI do the planing with our Newman Whitney double headed planer with automatic cut control. This will give you an optimum precision cut with superior quality.

We offer flat-stock sanding services that will save you time and money.

Ackerson-Stevens Inventory
Our inventory consists of 45 – 50 species of domestic and imported hardwoods. We have millions of dollars of inventory on site.

ASI Delivery

At ASI prompt delivery is part of our service to our customers. We operate our own fleet of trucks to save you time AND money! For a complete list of services or time in transit estimate, give us a call. Our customer service team is ready to help!

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